Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Reciprocal Links to Boost Link Popularity ?

Link popularity means the number of incoming links pointing to your website. This is one of the criterical factor that rank the search results. If you are have link on website with high PageRank (PR4+), you will benefit from it and your ranking will boost. Im recently looking at ways to increase my link popularity.
It gives a clear definition for different link terms. Let me summaries a bit here
- reciprocal links are link exchange between 2 sites. Site A have link to Site B and vice versa
- one way link are one way, Site A links to Site B, but Site B has no link to Site A
- trianglar links are one way link among 3 sites
It is not advisable to have too many reciprocal links. Yes it can be nature to have reciprocal links, but too much simply means you are suspected to do it on purpose (to boost link popularity)
On the other hand, outgoing links to good and relevant sites can also be benefitical to your website. So, dont bother to put more relevant links with great contents in your pages.
As a conclusion after the link popularity studies, here's my view on it:
1. more links to relevent sites with rich content, and good PageRank.
2. a little link exchange is acceptable, but dont make it over half of your links
3. limit the max number of links to 80 in your link page. Split it if too many.
4. a better appoarch to gain link popularity is by writing ezine articles

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