Monday, December 01, 2008

Google Joins DRSG

Google joined the Demand Response and Smart Grid Coalition (DRSG), an association that promotes the monitoring of electricity consumption in both the power grid and end users' homes. This step is the latest in a series of environment-friendly actions that engaged in over the past few years. The DRSG group includes multiple companies, all oriented towards promoting and supporting energy efficiency.

Google also announced that it signed a partnership with General Electric in early September, in a step aimed at supporting clean energy lobbying, as well as the development and implementation of energy monitoring equipment throughout the grid. The main stake of Google's efforts is to create a nation-wide smart power grid that will fuel smart appliances.

These appliances, including dishwashers and washing machines, could detect off-peak periods – via their integrated software – and trigger their programs accordingly, so as to minimize both costs of operations and the strain they place on power plants in the US. This leads directly to less carbon being emitted into the atmosphere by coal- or natural gas-powered production facilities.

DRSG also focuses on the issue of demand response, which means that its companies advocate the creation of pieces of software that will regulate and decrease energy consumption in offices and homes during peak times. Google was expected to enter this field for quite some time, and it would appear people saying this were right.

Besides Google, the DSRG group also includes companies like Cpower, Conservation Services Group (an energy service firm), and Corporate Systems Engineering (a smart-meter provider). Chances are that more companies will soon join the initiative as well, especially now that Google is in on it too. The Mountain View-based firm is also expected to soon launch a line of products, including gadgets and software that will monitor end-users' energy consumption.

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